Our specialty? Creating attractive, organized, and efficient wardrobe solutions for homes across New Zealand.

Reimagine Your Space with us

At NZ Wardrobes, we understand that a well-organized and stylish wardrobe is the ultimate finishing touch for any home. We take pride in our creativity when it comes to optimizing space, whether it's transforming small, existing wardrobes into organized closets or crafting bespoke storage units in newly constructed homes. Regardless of your space's size or shape, we're here to bring your dream wardrobe to life, making your daily routine more seamless and efficient.


Do you quote for anything besides wardrobes?

We cater to a wide range of household storage options. Please check out our product pages, gallery, or email sales@nzwardrobes.co.nz for more info.

Do you quote for sliding doors with mirrors?


Can we customise a kitset?

Yes, please email sales@nzwardrobes.co.nz. Make sure to include your phone number, address and as many measurements as you can. The more information, the better.

Can we order shelves to add to our existing system?

Email sales@nzwardrobes.co.nz with photos and measurements. We can provide a quote and answer your questions.

Do you cut the shelves to the measurement I provide?

No, we will cut off 10-20mm off of the measurement you provide. This allows for the brackets to fit either side. If you would like the shelves to be cut exactly to the size you enter, please write in the notes when you check out “shelves cut to size”.

Are the shelves adjustable?

No, the pole clips are drilled in place by us, at our set heights.

Can I pick the heights the shelves are to be set at?

Yes, you can enter “pole clips to be kept separate – we will set the heights ourselves” into the ‘notes’ section when checking out. Alternatively we can drill your custom heights for you, however this is an extra fee - please email sales@nzwardrobes.co.nz for a customised quote. Make sure to include your phone number & address.

Do I need to work out what fittings I need and add them to the cart?

No – all fittings are calculated by us and already included in the price of each shelf/kitset. If you purchase a kitset, then our poles are included in this price. If you purchase “shelving” then you would need to add the poles & pole clips to your cart yourself.

How many pole clips do I need for my shelving purchase?

Linen shelving = 1 per shelf. Shelf and rail = 2 per shelf.

How do I know what profile to purchase?

In a standard 600mm deep wardrobe/with a standard 2000mm door height, we work by a rule of = Any shelves over 1800mm high - cannot be any deeper than 300mm. For example, you want to maximise the space = You wish to have all the lower shelves 400mm deep, and the higher shelves 300mm deep. This is so you can still fit larger items up past the lintel/top of the door frame, and on to the higher shelves. If you have full height doors @ 2400mm high / 600mm deep wardrobe, we recommend = Any shelves over 1800mm high – shouldn’t be any deeper than 400mm. If you’re still unsure, please contact sales@nzwardrobes.co.nz and we can happily answer your questions.